Reproductive Freedom and Care Agenda Leaders Unite to Remind Voters of the High Stakes for Women and Families in the Election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, leaders from the country’s top organizations representing the reproductive freedom and the care agenda movement discussed the high stakes for women in the 2024 election and reinforced the importance of reelecting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. 

The choice between the two presidential tickets is crystal clear: Donald Trump represents an existential threat to women, families, and democracy, while President Biden and Vice President Harris have continued to deliver for Americans. Leaders in the movement reaffirmed their support for the Biden-Harris ticket and their commitment to ensuring voters understand the stark contrast against Donald Trump. 

Ai-jen Poo, Senior Advisor, Care in Action:  “Last night, President Biden clearly affirmed his commitment to childcare and aging care in the debate. Meanwhile, Donald Trump refused to even answer the question about childcare. […] Only one candidate is going to work to make caring for our families affordable in America. And we deserve that — women and women of color know that care is on the ballot, and we will make sure that they know that the Biden-Harris Administration has their back.”

Jessica Mackler, President, EMILYs List: “We are at the most critical inflection point for saving abortion access in our history. Who we elect this November will mean the difference between an outright assault on women’s rights or a future in which Democratic pro-choice leaders can restore our rights and freedoms. When we put this choice in front of voters, they show up for us. If we want to protect and restore our rights, we have to re-elect the Biden-Harris ticket and secure pro-choice majorities at all levels of the ballot.”

Fatima Goss Graves, President, National Women’s Law Center Action Fund: “As we are in a fierce and contentious battle for the future of this country, we know our principles of democracy and freedom are on the line. We know that the future of the Supreme Court and reproductive freedom are on the line. We know whether families can afford child care, elder care, housing – they’re all on the line. We know LGBTQIA+ people’s ability to live safely – it’s on the line. To achieve these goals, it is imperative that we re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris.”

Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Action Fund: “President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris leave us with no questions. Their vision for America is shared by the majority of voters who believe that at no point is a politician more qualified than them to make personal health decisions. They are up for the fight of our lives — fighting for the reproductive freedom of the 28 million women across this country that have lost their rights, and the millions more whose freedoms remain on the line. This November, we will decide to keep them in office to finish the job.”

Mini Timmaraju, President and CEO, Reproductive Freedom for All: “The choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden couldn’t be clearer. If Trump wins this election, not only will he ban abortion nationwide, he will also attack access to birth control and fertility treatments like IVF. He’ll follow through on his threat of punishing women who get abortions, and he’ll dismantle all our freedoms, one by one. If President Biden and Vice President Harris win, they will restore the right to abortion nationwide. They’ll appoint justices to our Supreme Court who will protect the rights of the people — not the pockets of conservative billionaires.”

The reality is that women cannot afford another Trump presidency. The only way to protect and advance reproductive freedoms – from abortion, to contraception, to IVF– and ease the caregiving crisis that is crushing working families, is to re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris. Women across the country understand that freedom is on the ballot this year, and they will back the ticket that promises to protect it.