The NWLC Action Fund:

  • Educates voters on where candidates stand on key policy issues affecting women and girls 
  • Anchors large-scale advocacy efforts, harnessing the power of feminists across the country at the ballot box, in the streets, and in their communities.  
  • Pushes candidates and elected officials to embrace gender justice issues 
  • Holds the media and lawmakers accountable for their sexist and racist treatment of women of color in leadership 
  • Fights for policy change across the issues that affect women the most, including child care, abortion access, sexual harassment, and more! 

2022 Midterm Elections

With partners across the country, we created the 2022 Midterm Gender Justice Voter Guides to connect issues of abortion access, economic security, education and democracy, educating voters on important issues on the ballot and how to engage their elected officials to ensure they stood for policies that support gender justice.

Michigan 2022

Partnered with Mothering Justice Action Fund, we created the Michigan Voter Guide. The Action Fund’s work in Michigan included targeted direct mail to voters needing encouragement to vote in midterm elections by utilizing turnout scores on voter file, and reached a universe of over 20,000 voters through multi-series mail, with focus on women of color voters across seven legislative districts. 

Georgia 2022

Partnered with 9to5 Action Fund, we created the Georgia Voter Guide. Digital campaigns in Michigan and Georgia leveraged online video and connected TV, and together yielded nearly 3.5 million impressions.


In 2022, the NWLC Action Fund has mobilized grassroots activists to support the successful confirmation of several women of color to historic positions in the federal government, including U.S. Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, U.S. Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke, and Assistant Secretary, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education Catherine Lhamon. Each faced sexist and racist attacks from Republicans in the Senate throughout their confirmations. But the NWLC Action Fund ran digital ads and pushed members of Congress to advance their nominations so each was ultimately confirmed! Now we’re fighting to ensure Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed to the Supreme Court.


The National Women’s Law Center Action Fund and the Mothering Justice Action Fund joined forces in the 2020 election to elevate critical issues that affect Michigan women and girls. Together, we drove progressive change at the local, state, and federal levels, and held our elected officials accountable for removing barriers to equality. 


  • 178,000 Women of color in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties reached through direct mail pieces 
  • 2.3 Million Impressions made of digital advertising 


Mothering Justice Action Fund is a statewide project dedicated to returning decision-making power to those most impacted, mothers of color. By empowering these mothers to champion policies and endorse candidates that reflect their values, the Mothering Justice Action Fund hopes to shape the future of families in Michigan for the better. 

2020 Presidential Election 

The NWLC Action Fund relaunched and reminded voters what was at stake when they went to the ballot boxes. The Fund also helped turn out voters in several swing states.  


Help power the fight for gender justice. Your donation today to the NWLC Action Fund will help us turn women’s voices into progressive change through direct advocacy, lobbying, community organizing, voter engagement, and mobilization at the local, state, and federal levels. Due to the political nature of the NWLC Action Fund, your donation is not tax-deductible.