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We are at a crucial point in our democracy. The approaching 2022 midterm elections are shaping up to be some of the most consequential for gender justice.

To meet the moment, 9to5 Action Fund and the National Women’s Law Center Action Fund are teaming up.

Since our last midterm election, we have seen our democracy pushed to the brink: a devastating Supreme Court term featuring an extremist majority handpicked to steal our guaranteed freedoms; insurrectionists, and their sympathizers, who continue to hold office while failing to deliver economic relief to everyday households and families; and dangerous politicians across states who have rolled back voting rights, silenced communities by unfairly redrawing district lines, banned books, endangered LGBTQ+ students, restricted access to critical care including abortion and contraception, and dismissed the pressing concerns of parents afraid for their children’s safety in the face of rising gun violence. And now, extremist Georgia lawmakers have enacted one of the most regressive abortion bans in the country, as well as some of the most draconian voter suppression laws.


But Georgians are poised to overcome. It is time that our country and our elected officials show up for us. Our fundamental rights are at stake, but with our collective power, we can change things. 

Women and gender justice activists have a track record of organizing and action, and there is no time when we have needed it more. We delivered Georgia in 2020—and we can do it again. Activate your family, friends, and community members and make certain that everyone exercises their vote.

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