2024 Presidential Debate Bingo

By National Women’s Law Center Action Fund

It’s a big night—President Joe Biden and Donald Trump will soon debate for the first time this election cycle.

There is so much at stake in November—for our reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, for building safe and inclusive schools, for protecting our democracy, and for investing in a real care economy, where all of us can thrive. The lead-up to November has already begun and tonight marks the important occasion where Biden and Trump have an opportunity to outline their policies clearly, differentiate themselves, and make a pitch to potential voters.

Want to know what we’re hoping to hear? Want to lighten up a nerve-wracking night? Watch the first presidential debate tonight at 9 p.m. on CNN and play Bingo with NWLC Action Fund! Plus, scan the QR code free space to see our Gender Justice Voter Guide (which can be used for candidates at the state and federal level)!