NWLC Action Fund Statement on Second Anniversary of Dobbs Decision   

Washington, DC – June 24, 2024 – Today marks the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – which overturned the federal constitutional right to abortion. 

See below for a statement from Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) Action Fund. 

“The anniversary of Dobbs reminds us of the critical consequences of elections. During his presidency, Donald Trump orchestrated the Dobbs outcome by handpicking justices dead-set on overturning Roe v. Wade. Now, as he campaigns for reelection, Trump has made it clear that if he wins, he will ‘lead the charge’ to ban abortion nationwide.   

“Over the past two years, 14 states have banned abortion outright and seven others have severely limited abortion. These bans have created chaos, endangered the lives of pregnant people, threatened doctors and forced them to flee their states — further escalating maternal health deserts — and undermined access to other reproductive health care. These bans have disproportionately affected people who already face barriers to health care, including people of color, rural people, immigrants, young people, and those with low incomes. 

“Yet, every single time abortion has been on the ballot since Roe v. Wade was overturned, voters have protected abortion rights and access. The American public demands and expects that restoring the right to abortion must be a day-one priority in 2025.  

“In this election, the freedom to control our own bodies, safely care for our families, and live with dignity is at stake. We will not allow anti-abortion extremists to continue wreaking havoc on reproductive rights.” 

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