Abortion Rights and Access

Abortion is a key part of an individual’s liberty, equality, and economic security. But politicians keep passing laws with the goal of making it more difficult―if not impossible―for women to get an abortion. In particular, state politicians have passed hundreds of restrictive laws limiting access to abortions for too many people—especially women of color and those living paycheck to paycheck. From SB 8 in Texas, which bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy and creates a vigilante system of enforcement, to an abortion ban passed by Mississippi legislators who are asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, to the 100+ other abortion restrictions passed across the country this year—the most since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, abortion rights and access are at grave risk.  

What the NWLC AF Is Doing: 

The National Women’s Law Center Action Fund will fight to protect and expand access to abortion, including by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act and EACH Act. We will defend against laws that restrict abortion, are designed to control, dehumanize, and criminalize women, and that force pregnant people to continue a pregnancy against their will. We will equip voters, elected officials, and candidates with the facts, the research, and the latest messaging tools to ensure that the promise of available, affordable abortion care is a reality for everyone who needs it.