Issue Guides

Today—due to years of gerrymandering, partisan gridlock, and the sharp increase in extremist conservative activism within the courts—our democracy is increasingly of, by, and for the wealthy and the few. To fix this, Michiganders must demand that our democratic systems are legitimate, that voter registration and participation are easily accessible to all, that elected leaders are accountable to the majority, and that voters have a real impact on how our communities are governed. We can accomplish this by electing leaders who are committed to passing laws that will ensure everyone has equal access to register to vote, cast a ballot, and then have that ballot counted fairly. Michiganders need lawmakers who will promote the integrity of our elections instead of cheating the system by picking and choosing whose votes matter and when.

And it isn’t just lawmakers we need to keep accountable—it’s judges too. We elect the president and senators who appoint and confirm federal judges and justices for lifetime seats on the courts, which are meant to equitably protect fundamental civil and constitutional rights. Michiganders can use the power of our votes to reshape our courts so that our judges and justices support equal rights under the law for all, especially for women, families, and people of color.

Michigan’s lawmakers must prioritize strengthening our democratic infrastructure and our courts to create a level playing field, restore fundamental protections and civil rights, and prevent future threats to our democratic systems.

Policies candidates & lawmakers should support:

  • 1.Unrig our democracy by ending corporate and PAC donations to extremist politicians who support voter suppression efforts.

  • 2.Protect and expand access to the ballot in Michigan, especially for women, people of color, the disabled, and everyday working people.

  • 3.Reshape the makeup of the federal judiciary by working with the U.S. Senate and the White House to support the nomination and confirmation judges with a strong record of supporting gender and racial justice issues and who affirmatively declare they will uphold equality, opportunity for all, and the freedom to make personal decisions about our bodies and relationships.

Questions to ask candidates:

  • 1.What policies will you support to ensure that all eligible voters have equal access to register to vote, cast a ballot, and have that ballot counted fairly?

  • 2.Will you commit to actively supporting the full restoration of the Voting Rights Act?

  • 3.How will you work to ensure that more women—particularly women of color—in Michigan run for and win elected office?

  • 4.Have you recommended candidates to the White House and/or supported judicial nominees with a strong record on civil rights and gender justice? If not (because you are not an incumbent), will you commit to recommending and supporting judicial nominees with a strong record on civil rights and gender justice?

  • 5.How will you support candidates for federal judgeships who are committed to equality, freedom, individual liberty and rights to make personal decisions about their bodies and relationships, and opportunity for all?

  • 6.How will you safeguard every Michigander’s right to vote and curb the influx of big money in Michigan politics, particularly efforts that further voter suppression? Be specific.